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When Rora is accepted to the Summer Intensive at The Conservatory, she suffers more than blisters from her pointe shoes. Despite the director's outward distaste for her dancing, she befriends the director’s son, Siegfried, who can’t seem to keep his lips off other girls in the company. That is, until the girls he’s kissed start dropping dead. Now, Rora has far more problems than just the director and his son.


Not only does Rora begin to hallucinate, but voices also scream her awake at night. She fears she’s on the brink of a mental breakdown—just like the other girls did before they died. With only Siegfried by her side, she investigates her classmate’s deaths, stumbling upon an underground society of people who look and act like they’re historical ballet characters. She learns that these people are part of a cursed world, where they are searching for lost souls.


Rora discovers that the madness inside her head isn’t her own, but rather Odile—one of these ballet characters—or lost souls, and she takes Rora’s mind hostage in her quest for life. The deeper Rora allows Odile to pull her into this cursed world, the more she realizes Siegfried is not who he seems to be. He only wants Rora as a blood sacrifice to release the lost souls. Rora must make the impossible choice: sacrifice herself for the greater good of the lost souls, or turn her back on them, and allow Odile’s insanity to drive her mad forever.



WESTRIDGE is an all-boy rehab facility with an uncanny reputation. The boys are coming out different. Too different.



When Allie—aka Al—learns that her brother Jason’s life is in jeopardy, she disguises herself as a boy to get enrolled into Westridge and save him. But it isn’t that simple. Allie gets swallowed up in the military routine of the “rehab” facility’s drastic measures, making it impossible to contact her brother. Along with being starved, beaten, and worked to a pulp, Allie finds herself enraptured by the dark and tortured, Vincent, who not only appears to have a strange power over the other students and faculty, but has his claws in Jason too.


Then Allie discovers the truth. Westridge is a breeding ground for the dead—a place where the dead can inhabit a new body and have a second chance at life. Trouble is, the new souls must “dispose” of their new body within twenty-four hours. And Vincent’s behind it all. Aside from trying to save her brother, balance her feelings for Vincent, and keep up on her masculine façade, Allie must find a way to stop these dead souls from killing the boys before she, too, becomes a ghost herself. 



Seventeen-year-old Dawn Hildegard has grown up knowing one thing: she’s to be married to Lawrence Chester III on her eighteenth birthday. When she visits a fortune teller to find out if she and Chester are meant to be, she doesn’t get the answers she seeks. Instead, Chester falls in love with a ballerina that sits at the top of a tower in the town square.   

Heartbroken, Dawn meets Gideon, a tortured stranger who is convinced Dawn is the one to help him find his long-lost love, Leigh. Leigh was a ballerina, and disappeared just like other ballerinas have through the years. Dawn, thinking that if she could become like the girl in the tower, believes that Chester would fall for her. She agrees to help Gideon find Leigh, in exchange for him teaching her how to dance.   

The company puts on the ballet, Coppelia, and it doesn’t take Dawn long to see the parallels between the sad story and the mystery in front of her. The “ballerina” Chester is in love with is really a doll, a life-sized doll that comes alive when she dances. More murders take place, and Dawn becomes next on the murderer’s hit list. Dawn must find a way to solve the mystery and save the dying girls before she becomes a ghost herself.   



The storms come like clockwork. Every day, the dark cloud descends upon the town, erasing the memories of every person. Except Clara.
After Clara's Dad mysteriously disappears, the Diviners, captive souls who feed off memories, come for her. She flees to Khalom where she hopes to find safety, along with Cael, the shadow warrior who fights for the city's protection. But because she's an outsider, and has been exposed to the Diviners, she's regarded with suspicion. Forced to live the Noble life, Clara faces going to school with peers who want her dead.
Throughout this, a unique power stirs inside of her. The power to kill. And it grows until she's not sure if she can control it. Outside the gates, Clara knows she's being watched. Yet, curious about Cael, she is drawn to the perimeter, caught by his dark and deadly presence. When the Diviners break through the city's defense and students begin to turn up brain dead, Clara must find a way to stop the attacks before the city--and her mind--is wiped clean.



It always rains after a death. 



At least, that’s what Aidan de Morte has noticed when he escorts the dead to the afterlife. Most Mundane folks—people alive on earth—don’t know that the life waiting for them is more dangerous than the one they’re living in. The afterlife is dark wasteland, and souls are disappearing every day. All thanks to the Livingstons, one of the four Royal families who are a natural enemy of the de Mortes.  


Aidan doesn’t remember what it’s like to feel—he’s been dead so long, he can’t remember the pleasures of food, drink, taste… love. It isn’t until Aidan meets Danielle Livingston—a girl who is the reason the afterlife is in turmoil—that he begins to experience real emotion again. Even though Aidan has every reason to hate her (for ruining his world), he can’t help his attraction to her. And she clearly has feelings for him too, though they butt heads at every turn.


But when Dani and Aidan discover that they are the only ones who can restore balance to the afterlife, they must set aside their differences and learn to work together before the world—and their lives—is destroyed.



Seventeen-year-old Callie Johanson is a loser. She’s been alone most of her life, feeling as if she were invisible. She’s a scholarship student to a musical boarding school, and she has no idea why she is there. All the other kids are much more talented, and she’s a mediocre pianist at best. It isn’t until she meets Silas, a quirky guy who actually is invisible, that her life becomes interesting. 


Silas introduces her into a new world. A world where Walkers, Hunters, Bleeders, and Stalkers exist. She learns that her mother was a Shadow Walker—a dancer—who saved all supernatural beings from something called “Dark Night.” Once a year, Death emerges from the veil, set out to kill anyone not human. Callie discovers that she, too, is a Shadow Walker. 


Callie must align herself with Silas, and learn to dance, while balancing her newfound feelings for him. But time is running out. Only a Shadow Walker can dance with Death and close the veil before the world is destroyed. 

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