Phantom. Ghost. Specter: It’s been three years since she’s seen him. Three years since he emerged from the shadows to teach her the art of ballet. And three years of staring into the dark corners of her room, wishing he’d return. 

After a lifetime of living in the attic of the old theater, eighteen-year-old Rora questions her sanity, wondering whether the dark memories of her phantom ballet teacher, Dross, are real. Rora has one dream, to be a member of the corps de ballet, but Dross made her promise that she would never dance without him, or there would be consequences. 

It isn’t until Rora meets Christopher, a young musician with a charming smile and warm countenance, that she’s brave enough to go against Dross’s wishes. Rora dances, stunning all who watch, including the new director, who puts her on the fast track to stardom. But with Christopher’s arrival, a new set of problems emerge. The girls in the corps are wilting. Men are found dead. And Dross’s threats come to fruition, in punishment for Rora’s broken promise.

As Rora investigates, she pieces together that the lives around her parallel the ballet stories she’s grown up with—that the men dying are being danced to their deaths by Wilis, jilted ghost women. And something is definitely brewing with Christopher, who spends his time at The Gathering, a club with an underground society of people who look and act like they’re historical ballet characters. 

When Dross summons Rora by leading her down into the depths of the theater, not only does she discover that her phantom teacher is real, but that her feelings for him are, too. Rora must not only find a way to balance her feelings between Christopher and Dross, but find a way to stop the girls from dancing men to their deaths before she succumbs and becomes a ghost herself.

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