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Welcome to the Laude List!

As I'm sure you know, the word Laude means Praise in Latin. When I come across individuals or inspiring creative works that have had an influence on me or my writing, they become part of my Laude List. Below you will find these special people that are definitely worthy of praise.


CORTNEY PEARSON is one of those people I can’t live without. Aside from my hubby, Cort has been my biggest supporter, constant friend, and unfailing motivator.

I met Cort at a SCBWI chapter retreat last October. I was lucky enough to be paired with her in a crit group, where we read each other’s manuscripts. I Laughed Out Loud the entire time reading her YA contemporary romance, and knew I wanted to target her as a future crit partner. Funny thing is, because she was so talented, I thought she was way older than me (don’t ask me where I got that logic), but is actually a couple years younger!

<-----Cort and I last October with Emma Dryden.

Cortney has since written 2 ½ more novels, a ridiculously amazing fantasy, a freak-me-out-clever horror novel, and a new WIP that is AWESOME. I don’t know how she is able to tackle each of these genres so well, but I think it comes down to talent, hard work, and passion.

Yeah, we need to work on our "cool" faces---->

We traveled together this August to go to the LA SCBWI conference, where she allowed me to drag her around four months preggo—and let me tell you, this girl can outdo me with everything! (Dancing, note taking, getting to the front of the Starbucks line…)

Cort, you inspire me. You’ve taught me so much not only with writing, but also with what it means to be a good friend. 



was my first writer BFF. I met her waaaaay back when was the place to hang for young writers.

From the start, I knew there was something special about Leigh. Something *extra* that hovered around her presence. I wanted to align myself with her because it was obvious she was going places, and I wanted to be part of that.

For the month of January 2010, our books were both voted as Top-Picks on the site, where the prize was a review from a real live breathing HarperCollins editor. Not only did Leigh receive a smashing review, her editor wanted to pursue her book for publication. All the necessary steps were taken and Leigh was the first author to be discovered from Inkpop and land a publishing deal with HarperTeen.

Carrier Of The Mark has been an astounding success, and the next book in the Carrier trilogy is due out next year. (Eeeee! It’s soooo good!)

Through all this, Leigh has been an unwavering friend to me. Never has she allowed her “status” to make me feel inferior or disregard me as a friend. She’s been a constant support with my projects and a persistent stream of motivation.

This writing world is hard enough, but if you can align yourself with people (like Leigh) who truly care about your success and will do anything to help build you up, not only will the road be easier, but you’ll create lasting friendships that will mean more than any book deal or good review.

Leigh and I at the SCBWI LA Conference together:

To visit Leigh’s site click here.


  1. What an awesome thing to do, Morgan. That's a great picture. How fun!

  2. SOOOO fun!!!

    Can't WAIT to meet ya at SCBWI!!!

  3. First time I've seen your list - this is a really great idea, Morgan.

  4. I like this! And cool to know more about Courtney.

  5. I LOVE COURTNEY!! Was WAY fun getting to meet her face to face!

  6. Aw, what a lovely post. You are wonderful, Morgan. It's no wonder you attract such incredible writer friends!

  7. HOW super cool is a Laude List! You rock, Morgan!


  8. You Laude List is great. You're awesome Morgan.
    And what fun pictures!

  9. Morgan, this is a fabulous idea!
    You are truly awesome!

  10. Oh, I love Cortney!! (And I'm sure I'd love Leigh, too, if I'm ever blessed to meet her.)

  11. I love this list so much!! I think I'm going to steal the idea. Also, I might put you in a suitcase and steal YOU--you are so awesome!



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