Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Hope and Timing.

Have you ever had a project that makes up the essence of who you are? A project that you feel SO passionate about, you know deep in your bones that it’s the one that will always hold a sacred place in your heart?

Perhaps it’s the first book you wrote and think it deserves another chance, or perhaps it’s one that you submitted too early, knowing it wasn’t ready yet, or maybe it’s a book that you haven’t dared write yet because you’re too scared to dive in, knowing what it’s going to take.

I have such a book… and to be working on it again feels like SUCH a miracle. I thought my shot with this book was gone, and to have hope again? It’s everything. I’ve immersed myself in this world this past week and it’s soooooo interesting how taking such a long break away from it has helped me see things more clearly. I can easily see what wasn’t working and what can be better and what I want the flavor of the story to be… etc.

And you know what’s interesting? I’m glad that things haven’t aligned with this book yet. I’m glad that I get to rework it. Because the story deserves another chance. And I wouldn’t want it to debut without it living up to its full potential.

I think some books can be what they are and not need special attention or not need a bazillion revisions. But the ones that are special? The ones that have that extra magic that resonates with you?

Take heart. Let it sit. Allow it to simmer and take its time. Because I CHOOSE to believe it’ll be worth it in the long run.

So while I KNOW it’s hard to face rejection or face writer’s block or face moments of doubt, be GLAD when those doors haven’t opened yet—because in the long run, it can definitely be a good thing.

Yes? No? Know what I mean? 

Red. Head. Out.

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