Thursday, July 25, 2013

The Anti-Blogfest Gary Fest

I'm a *little* delayed with getting this post up due to being out of town, but just in case you haven't heard about the huge anti-blogfest going around, here are the details:

Announcing the "Anti-Blogfest Gary Fest" on August 12, a blog hop in honor of Mr. anti-blog hop himself, Gary at Klahanie

Hosted by

Mark “Madman” Koopmans (The brainchild behind the whole thing)
And er... Me. 

The rules are *very* simple.

Create the titles of three PG-13 rated blogfests you would never join - and then add a descriptive sentence or two. That's it!

For example, I would never sign up for the:

Cheesecake & Cauliflower Bloghop - "where dinner and dessert is mixed in one dish."

OR the

Blocked up Toilet Blogfest - "where crap happens."

OR even the

Alphapet Zoo-mbie Bloghop - "where cuddly undead toys learn how to spell."

Sign up below!

Red. Head. Out. :D 


  1. Sounds like fun...and easy! Thanks for getting me up to date. :)

  2. Hey Morg,

    Hope you're having/had a wonderful time with friends and/or family :)

    Bald. Head. Shiny :)

  3. Hi Morgan .. even I signed up! Must be something in the waters .. oh - those have broken haven't they!

    Cheers and see you soon ... Hilary

  4. Sounds fun and I can't wait to see all the entries! Good to see you again.

  5. Welcome back.
    This sounds like a hoot! :D

  6. Hope you've had fun! Love the idea for this fest, and the examples--totally cracked me up!

  7. Hope you had a great vacation. Love the idea for this blog fest and the examples are cracking me up, making me giggle. I wouldn't sign up for them either. :P

  8. Totally down for this one. If there was ever a blogfest that was fitting a blogger....this is it! :)

  9. Already signed up. Welcome back Morgan.

  10. Oh and I'm just wondering. Will there be a Fairy Tale Blogfest this year?

  11. Hehehe that's funny. But I don't know of enough (uninteresting) blog hops to do this :(

  12. Oh Morgan, you all are making me laugh with this latest fest. It's like an awkward hug for Gary.

  13. LOL. Where do you come up with this stuff? :)

  14. Hey Morgan!

    Finally, yes finally, I have arrived with one of my um much loved, highly cherished, dare I say, award winning comments! :) Okay, maybe next time...

    I feel like I've just chased a parked car. To think there's going to be an anti-blogfest. It's enough to make me sob uncontrollably in a darkened room. Anyhoo, I'm wishing the bestest n'stuff to all those who actually participate, or is it non-participate, in this thingy for Gary, or whatever his name is.

    Neat you are one of the hosts. And yep, welcome back! :)

  15. Woohoo! I heard you're the one who made the button, yes? It's fantastic, Morgan! Great work. So glad to be co-conspirators. I can't wait to see everyone's contributions, especially the guest of horror's. I mean, honor's.

    Have a good Friday and weekend.

  16. Bahahaha laughing at those fake bloghops!! I'm not sure I'm clever enough at this point to thing of any, but I love the idea! Too funny.

  17. This sounds like such a fun anti 'fest, though I am already feeling the pressure of trying to be witty in my own post. :P But I think the trick will just be to think about things I really hate and that will give me my ideas. :)

  18. Okay...I'm in. And at #50. Such a nice round number for an OCD like me.



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