Tuesday, May 14, 2013

My Five Happy Ways...

When Madman Mark tagged me in this meme, I knew I had to participate. I usually don’t do memes, but anything that has to do with gratitude or happiness, I’m there!

Here’s how it works:

Offer a shout out to the Happy One who tagged you.
Then, list my five happy ways.
Tag five more.

So my shout out to Mark: Koopmans is such a bright light in this blogosfear (As he likes to write it) His posts are downright hysterical, but he knows how to bring it down too. He isn’t afraid to talk about important topics and make the reader feel. And he’s extremely talented to boot. I’ve read his WIP, and it’s phenomenal. Can’t wait to see it on shelves! So thank you, Mark, for existing. Because it sure wouldn’t be the same without you.

My five happy ways: (And I’m going to pull a Mark here and say that spouse and family automatically trumps everything)

People who go out of their way to be kind, even when they’re stressed.

Funny story: The other day I was at the post office, and the lady behind the desk was extremely rude to me. Imagine me, with a baby on my hip and my other 3 kids running around. It’s almost closing time and there’s a huge line behind me. I needed help taping my package together because I didn’t have free hands. The woman at the desk absolutely refused to help me.

Long story short, I’d been there before (heh, we writers mail out a lot of manuscripts) and this woman had been rude to me in the past, but I swallowed it down the first time. Anyway, something came over me this time. I told her in a very loud, but kind voice, “She could be more nice.” I told her that even if we’ve had a bad day, it’s okay to offer a helping hand.

I may or may not have continued on a small tangent in front of the whole room, and I probably looked a sight “chastising” this woman with a cheesy smile on my face, but the woman still refused to help me. Finally, a lady from the line behind me came and helped. All I needed was an extra set of hands. Maybe I had caught this woman on two bad days, and if so she has my sympathies, but I also appreciate people who can step out of their life and act in a positive way when necessary.

Exclamation points. Love them. Almost obnoxiously so. They make me happy. And if I get a text without them, I panic that I’ve done something wrong!

Writer Friends. All of you guys! And in particular, Cortney Pearson. I don’t know how I’d survive without her. We text each other all day, every day about everything. She helps me work through all the emotions that are part of this crazy journey.

The Writing Journey. This whole process is amazing. I love the downs and ups of writing. I love the personal change that happens in us when we keep pushing even when we have doubts. It really is a beautiful thing.

Dancing. Baroque music. Talking "ballet talk" with my sister. So You Think You Can Dance! 

And now for my five happy people tags:

Thanks again, Mark, for the opportunity to share! Any updates on you guys? How are your projects coming along? I want to know!

Red. Head. Out. :D 


  1. I can just see you saying that to the woman! Good for the other lady that she came to assist you.
    I like exclamations points as well. Really!!!

  2. I just read a blog post about being nice and how it goes such a long way. Updates for me are non-existant. STILL Waiting to hear back on my R&R (4 months). But I did get to meet some rockstars this weekend (of the literary kind) and I blogged about it :-)

  3. Mark is fantastic! As are you! As are exclamation points! :D

    I'm so glad you stood your ground with that lady. My biggest gripe on the planet is people who bring their misery to their jobs. While I get we all have bad days, if you're being employed by someone to work with the public, part of the expectation is to be friendly and helpful as you can--even when the customers aren't returning that vibe. Plus, it just makes your job easier. (Try it if you don't believe me. The stress just doesn't 'stick' as much when you're pleasant.)

    And HUGE props to the lady that helped you out. I truly try to be that person.

    Example: When we were in California recently, we were eating in a pizza place when a man came in to pick up his carryout order. We were near the register, and overheard that his card was declined. He went outside to call his spouse and try to figure out what had happened.

    I don't know why, but I was compelled to have the girl working the register put his food on our bill. She said he was a regular, and had never had problems paying before, so she knew he was upset and would appreciate it. When he came back in and learned what we'd done, he just thanked us over-and-over. Said his kids would be grateful for the dinner as well. Made me understand that it was just the right thing to do, and that was what had been 'compelling me'.

    I don't share this for a pat on the back or anything. Just a reminder to people that kindness is up to you to propagate. The lady who was being mean to you probably lowered your faith in humanity a couple of pegs, but I bet the person who helped you restored it and then some. The guy we helped was obviously having an epically crappy day--the kind when the world only takes away from you. I hope we reminded him that it can give back, too.

    Thank your for thinking of me my rocking, redheaded friend! Truly means a lot, and I might just have to participate in this meme as well. Or maybe I jus did? :)

  4. That lady at the post office sounds like a total loser. Or someone who doesn't have any kids and doesn't understand how we need all the extra hands we can get! Gah. I hate people like that. It's so sad she wouldn't help you even after you pointed out how rude she was being. And also, yay for exclamation points!

  5. Very fun. Like Mark's post, this made me happy just to read!

  6. What is it about the post office that send everything into chaos and the kids into crazy?

  7. Wow! You're brave! I don't know that I could have said anything. But I agree that you likely said it all with kindness. You don't seem the kind of person to ever intentionally hurt someone. :)

  8. Let's dance WITH exclamation marks. Looks like this: dance! Dance! Dance!

    Great happiness in here, Morgs. Miss ya!

  9. Kudos to the helpful lady. Positivity is always best. Thanks for sharing the happy Morgan.

  10. Morgan it's great to see a post from you...I've been missing your enthusiasm and great attitude :)

    A shame there are people out there only looking out for themselves. It doesn't take much to put a positive slant to anyone's day.

    Stay happy and let's hear from you more often, o.k? :)

  11. I've been waiting for this post since I saw that Mark had tagged you. No surprise to see dancing on your list. I wish we could actually see you dance some time. =D

  12. Well just so you know when I think "happy" the word "Morgan" always comes to mind (I think it's Utahian Latin or something like that.

    (oh criminy... nearly forgot !!! belogs in the previous sentence!)

    Having stood in your shoes (my toes still hurt) at the Post Office, I have been there, but think it's great you said something and echo everyone else when I say Yahhy!! to the nice lady :)

    Hey, I agree with Donna, maybe you can do a video post one day and show us some of those Ballet moves :)

    (I'm going to start saving for a virtual bunch of flowers and practice my best Italian-accented "BRAVO! BRAVO!"


  13. Yay for kind people! I don't see them often any more which makes them even more precious.

  14. I love SYTYCD!! And I'd probably change post offices if I came across such mean people. Kind people rock!

  15. That postal employee isn't going to enjoy the payback Karma's gonna send her. Shame on her.

  16. Oh my gosh, what a fun idea! Thanks for tagging me. I'll happily think of happy ways :)

    I don't understand when people won't help others. As a mom of teens, I can totally relate to the young mom with her hands full. My boys have also been taught to open doors for others, whether it's needed or not. It's just a nice thing to do!

  17. What a cool idea.

    I had to deal with a rude postal employee on several occasions. A few of my friends complained about her too. She eventually quit. Yay!!!! (and that tells you how I feel about exclamations. *grins*)

  18. I just don't understand some people. How hard is it to be nice? Honestly, her day might have perked up a bit if she'd helped you out, not to mention the line would have moved faster. Well, the fact that you kept a smile on your face and that someone else stepped up to lend a hand set a good example for her. Hopefully next time she won't be such a grumpy pants. Here are some exclamation marks to brighten your day!!!!!!!!!!

  19. I can't imagine just watching someone struggle like that and doing nothing. I'm glad someone was there who had the 'nice' gene!

  20. Aw, this is great :) I love your story and especially that you stood up. That is AWESOME

  21. I love this post! I'm a huge !!! fan ;D
    I have seen it and it sucks...mean counter people...grrr!
    I always try to open doors and girl scout up, when I can.

    I love that you nicely put her in her place-good for you!!!
    YOU remind me of sending out art, running in the post office to make the
    deadline. It happens...

    Thanks for sharing and your kind post today! YOU ROCK!!!

  22. Yay for nice people! Love your post-office story! I'd gotten so used to the ones in Cali being a cesspool for snottiness (really, there's no other way to describe the one in my hometown) that moving here it was a major shock that the guy behind the counter was *super* nice. Random little story from me today! And Yay for exclamation points!!

  23. What a hard time you had.... I don't "get" RUDE people working in jobs dealing with the public!!!!! Love exclamations! As you know ... lol.

    I ALWAYS appreciate how you turn all situations into a positive experience. I also try to KINDLY put rude people in their place. At times, we can NOT let them get away with SUCH OUTRAGEOUS behavior. Can we? I also appreciate the fact that YOUR behavior SETS such a wonderful example for your little ones. Imagine FOUR more, LIKE YOU, passing on the positivity...

    I am also HONORED to be tagged. It would be my pleasure to continue this meme. AH, but who to chose... I'll need to give it some thought.

    It will also have to wait until sometime next week.

    Thanks for sharing your kind spirit with all of us. The world needs more people like you, Sweets.

  24. Hi Morgan, congratulations on the award - Mark is a Madman, but hugely fun .. oh dear Post Offices - I stormed out of the central one here in town the other day ... as it was a condolence letter I'd wanted to get to Germany - I was relieved to find it had actually made its way out of Eastbourne.

    Happiness .. you dancing queen would light up many a world .. and getting on so well with Cortney is great to read .. these online connections are amazing ..

    Cheers Hilary

  25. I have a tough time dealing with rudeness for some reason. A little common courtesy really isn't that difficult. It's nice to see that others still value it too. oh, I mean ...still value it too!!! :-)

  26. Congratulations on the award Morgan!
    You did that woman a HUGE favour by pointing out her rudeness. Hopefully, she went home and thought long and hard about her behavior. Maybe... just maybe... nobody has ever corrected her before... so she's been under some false impression that everything is okay...

    Writer In Transit

  27. Ah. I remember the days of having three babies and everything that goes along with them in my cart and not having any room left for groceries!! I told The Husband once you have more kids than hands, you will always be at a loss! Ironically, I found it was other women who were mean to me when I struggled. Men, always lent me a helping hand. Now, whenever I see a mom struggling with a stroller or car seat or whatever, I ALWAYS jump in and help. When I see a kid having a melt down in public, I don't give the mom the stank eye, I get down on the kids level and see if I can help. I am glad you called her out on her behavior. Although most post office workers aren't known for their kindness, just their craziness!! :)

  28. I love all those things too! I got to meet Cortney this past weekend and I totally LOVE her. You don't mind if I steal her for a bit do you? ;)

  29. Love your happy ways!!!! I love exclamation points too! Obviously. Once, I was told they were rude . . .I worried, and then went on and used them anyway.
    Having help is huge, and when someone steps forward, it's great.

  30. Such a happy person you are! Yes, I do recommend that book. Very good. Good to see you again.

    M.L. Swift, Writer

  31. Being nice to others always gives one a pleasant happy feeling. Don't know why people don't do it more often. Besides with that broad beautiful smile of yours, it shouldn't be too difficult. Good there is always one nice person for a grumpy one. :9

  32. I have found the friends I've made in the writing community to be so, so helpful and supportive along the way. This pursuit can be so stressful, but they all keep me sane. (Well, as sane as I could ever hope to be, anyway. ;-)) I'm glad someone finally helped you out at the post office. If I'd been there, I would have helped you. It's simple, really, to just be nice.

    I think my love of emoticons probably rivals your love of exclamation points. I think I need an intervention. :-) ←See?

  33. Oh that's awful you got treated poorly at the Post Office. Oy, but at least we have the beautiful May sunshine pouring down all around. I took a walk around my neighborhood the other day and smelled all the irises in people's yards. It's so wonderful outside right now.

    Oh and there are free Jazz concerts down at the Galivan (sp?) center downtown on Tuesday evenings. Hope to see you there one day. The jazz is wonderful.

  34. Love your happy list!!!!!!!!!!! I even like to dance...just without any audience ;)

  35. I love it when someone offers a helping hand.

    Writer friends are awesome.

  36. Who knows what was wrong with that lady?
    I'm pretty grumpy too in these days and I might have refused a helping hand too I'm afraid. Sorry. Nothing personal though, it's just me being grumpy! What kind of grumpy is it if I offer a helping hand with a smile to whomever inquires? Come one, we're professionals here!

  37. MORG!! I thought I commented on this, but apparently I didn't. I can't believe that post office lady! Not cool. Maybe she was intimidated by all the awesome you're packin'. ;)

    So great, and thanks for mentioning me--you know I can't get through a day without texting you!--and for tagging me!! :D

  38. There seem to be a lot more rude, entitled people these days than there were 50+ years ago. I still remember how I had to walk all over my campus and into town and back with a very heavy box of textbooks I was trying to sell back, at one point having to carry it on my head, and almost no one tried to help me. When I told this story to some friends on the weekend, a doctoral student told me that that never would've happened in his native South, and that a Southern guy would've been humiliated if it were known he'd seen a woman struggling with a heavy package and refused to help.

  39. I'm not sure I would have been so restrained! Although I normally never complain, I don't like queueing up at the post office which seems to always take about half an hour, and it's hard enough keeping one child in tow. (Worst are people who tut at you for having a kid who happens to have a lot of energy (who knew?) but that's another story...)

    Anyway, I enjoy helping others even if it's just holding a door open. Life's hard, we could always use more niceness! Congrats on the tag!

  40. Know! Exactly! How! You! Feel! :)

  41. LOL! I SOOOO totally love you! And exclamation points don't get enough hype! I love them too!



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