Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Revisions and FATE...

I've decided that my favorite stage of writing is the revision stage. I looooove revisions. It's so much fun to take apart stories and piece them back together. To flesh out scenes that need expanding and delete what isn't necessary. This is when the magic happens--when an author adds the tiny details that bring in flavor and life to the writing.

I'm not a fan of first drafts. Or outlining. I know most people LOVE the spark of a new idea and playing with fresh story lines, but I'd much rather work with a manuscript that's already on paper and improve it from there. If I could, I'd stay in the revision stage forever. It's safe. Fun. There's time to play with words and you haven't put yourself out there yet... ;-)

I don't know why this is on my mind, but I do know that I have to segue this in a clever way to a totally awesome cover reveal.  How about: I'm glad these two girls know when to take the leap and not stay in the revision stage.

Jolene Perry and Steph Campbell are two of my most favorite people on the planet. And they're sickly talented to boot.

I'm so privileged to help take part in their cover reveal for My Fate For Yours. Check this out:

A secret love.

A life lost too soon.

A destiny reversed.

You’ve met Tobin & Delia.

This is Eamon’s story…

The prequel to My Heart for Yours.


Their first book, My Heart For Yours was such a success, they had to write the prequel. (Literally. They had screaming fans and an overflowing inbox of mail demanding to know more of the story!) And I'm so excited. Jolene and Steph together create magic. My Fate For Yours comes out July 15 2013!  

Are you a revision fan like me? Have you read Jolene and Steph? Hope your week is going fabulous.

Red. Head. Out.

Monday, May 20, 2013

Why Writing Is Worth It

I find this whole writing journey fascinating.

It’s incredible what happens from the moment an author decides to put words on paper to the moment they hold their own book in their hands. The crazy thing is it isn’t even about the final product. I think the most amazing part of the process is the change that takes place inside of us.

It’s amazing what facing rejection over and over again can do to solidify our resolve and determination to stay in this business. It’s amazing what happens when we sacrifice time and sleep to create even when we don’t know if our efforts will ever come to fruition.

It’s amazing what can spring from one idea—from one moment of inspiration—when we get that spark of an idea from a song or from a thought in the middle of the night. I truly believe there is magic that lives in each of us. That there is something extraordinary that can only come from that secret part of our souls that holds all of the stories we’re meant to write. And there’s a place for all of us—a place for all of our stories.

I do think though that we have to dig deep. Deeper than we think. We have to force ourselves to re-experience moments in our lives—even the not so pleasant ones—to make it real on the page. Even if our story is on the lighter side. Because if it doesn’t come from something real, readers will see through it. They’re smart, and know when they’re being lied to.

So far in this process, I’ve also learned to embrace the hard moments. To consciously accept the lows, and know that they’re a necessary part of the process. I’ve also realized that the lows usually come after a big high! It’s important to accept all that comes with making the decision to be a writer and to be okay with it. To enjoy the ride, because it’s a privilege to even be on the ride.

I also know that good things come to those who keep working. It doesn’t matter where anyone else is on the journey, or even how easy their success seems to have come to them. What matters is our own journey, and how hard we’re pushing ourselves. Even though we might not see our own progress day to day, when we duck our heads and focus only on the words on the page, (and rewriting them however many times necessary), we will see the reward. Even if the reward is the knowledge we’ve gained or the strength we’ve developed or the transformation that’s taken part inside of us.

And that, to me, is worth it.

Red. Head. Out. :D 

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

My Five Happy Ways...

When Madman Mark tagged me in this meme, I knew I had to participate. I usually don’t do memes, but anything that has to do with gratitude or happiness, I’m there!

Here’s how it works:

Offer a shout out to the Happy One who tagged you.
Then, list my five happy ways.
Tag five more.

So my shout out to Mark: Koopmans is such a bright light in this blogosfear (As he likes to write it) His posts are downright hysterical, but he knows how to bring it down too. He isn’t afraid to talk about important topics and make the reader feel. And he’s extremely talented to boot. I’ve read his WIP, and it’s phenomenal. Can’t wait to see it on shelves! So thank you, Mark, for existing. Because it sure wouldn’t be the same without you.

My five happy ways: (And I’m going to pull a Mark here and say that spouse and family automatically trumps everything)

People who go out of their way to be kind, even when they’re stressed.

Funny story: The other day I was at the post office, and the lady behind the desk was extremely rude to me. Imagine me, with a baby on my hip and my other 3 kids running around. It’s almost closing time and there’s a huge line behind me. I needed help taping my package together because I didn’t have free hands. The woman at the desk absolutely refused to help me.

Long story short, I’d been there before (heh, we writers mail out a lot of manuscripts) and this woman had been rude to me in the past, but I swallowed it down the first time. Anyway, something came over me this time. I told her in a very loud, but kind voice, “She could be more nice.” I told her that even if we’ve had a bad day, it’s okay to offer a helping hand.

I may or may not have continued on a small tangent in front of the whole room, and I probably looked a sight “chastising” this woman with a cheesy smile on my face, but the woman still refused to help me. Finally, a lady from the line behind me came and helped. All I needed was an extra set of hands. Maybe I had caught this woman on two bad days, and if so she has my sympathies, but I also appreciate people who can step out of their life and act in a positive way when necessary.

Exclamation points. Love them. Almost obnoxiously so. They make me happy. And if I get a text without them, I panic that I’ve done something wrong!

Writer Friends. All of you guys! And in particular, Cortney Pearson. I don’t know how I’d survive without her. We text each other all day, every day about everything. She helps me work through all the emotions that are part of this crazy journey.

The Writing Journey. This whole process is amazing. I love the downs and ups of writing. I love the personal change that happens in us when we keep pushing even when we have doubts. It really is a beautiful thing.

Dancing. Baroque music. Talking "ballet talk" with my sister. So You Think You Can Dance! 

And now for my five happy people tags:

Thanks again, Mark, for the opportunity to share! Any updates on you guys? How are your projects coming along? I want to know!

Red. Head. Out. :D 

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