Monday, December 3, 2012

Cover Reveal, Blindsided, And You Are...?

I usually never post back to back, but there's so much going on! For those of you who are following my writing journey posts, I posted part II yesterday. The saga continues...

But for today, I'm beyond stoked to be a part of Christa Desir's cover reveal for FAULT LINE. I met Christa in LA at the SCBWI conference last summer and I couldn't get enough of her. She's just one of those people you want to align yourself with because she's going places. Sickly talented, hilarious, and real. FAULT LINE comes out with SimonPulse on 11/12/13. Can't wait.

Here it is:

I love how unique it is. Simple, yet powerful. Really cool, Christa.

Ben could date anyone he wants, but he only has eyes for the new girl — sarcastic free-spirit, Ani. Luckily for Ben, Ani wants him too. She’s everything Ben could ever imagine. Everything he could ever want.

But that all changes after the party. The one Ben misses. The one Ani goes to alone.

Now Ani isn’t the girl she used to be, and Ben can’t sort out the truth from the lies. What really happened, and who is to blame?

Ben wants to help her, but she refuses to be helped. The more she pushes Ben away, the more he wonders if there’s anything he can do to save the girl he loves.

Can't wait to read it!

Next, I of COURSE had to be part of Kyra Lennon's Blindsided tour.

Kyra's stories are always so much fun and I'm so stoked for all of her success. If you haven't heard about Blindsided yet, here's the synopsis:

After a successful first soccer season in L.A, Jesse Shaw heads to London with his best buddy, Hunter, but his world is turned upside down when a dangerous prank threatens his career and his blossoming relationship with Hunter’s cousin, Isabelle.

Isabelle Mills lives in Notting Hill with her parents and her twin sister, Georgia. When she finds out her cousin is coming to stay, along with his famous soccer player friend, her first instinct is to hibernate until they’ve gone. However, once she meets Jesse, everything changes. He’s everything she ever wanted, but with so many obstacles in their path, can she really risk putting her heart on the line?

 Find Kyra's books here on Amazon. And don't forget to check out her blog. She's awesome. 

And last? Phew. Tired yet? I'm participating in Emily R. King and Tammy Theriault's AND YOU ARE...? Blog Hop. These girls are great, I just had to participate. My answers to David's questions: 

1. How many speeding tickets have you gotten? None! I'm ticket free! 

2. Can you pitch a tent? 
Who can't??? 

3. What was your worst vacation ever? 
Is there such a thing? 

4. What was the last thing you bought over $100? 
Bah! Erm... groceries? 

5. We're handing you the keys to what? 
My own cottage in Nova Scotia. 

6. What was the last meal you cooked that made even you sick? 
Pancakes... it's the last time I've had gluten. 

7. Fill in the blank: Oh my gosh! Becky, look at her butt! It is so big. She looks like  ____? 
Er... not really my sense of humor, so I'm going to say _____. 

8. What was your first car? 
An old school Crown Victoria, baby! 

9. Your best friend falls and gets hurt. Do you ask if he/she's okay or laugh first? 
Oh my gosh... I wouldn't ever laugh... 

10. What's the worst song ever? 
Eternal Flame by the Bangles... 

Thanks for dropping by. Hope you are all surviving the chaos... And I'll be posting Part III of my writing journey later this week...

Red. Head. Out. :D 


  1. I can't pitch a tent... Guess no one is taking me camping!

  2. These books look so good and we both supported Kyra on the same day! How cool!

    These are some great answers! Groceries... always!

  3. Wow, that cover really grabs the attention. And the blurb gives you a little bit and makes you want to find out a lot more, cleverly done.

    Congrats to Kyra! So excited for her.

    I like Eternal Flame! Top tune. :P

  4. Eternal Flame. That's a good one. As in bad, I mean. :)

  5. I can't wait to read Christa's book. I've been excited about it for a while. Krya's book is on my TBR list.

    No speeding tickets? I'm impressed. :D

  6. OMG you totally took me back to when I was about 12 years old. I was on the ice, doing an ice-skating routine to "Walk Like an Egyptian." Came in 4th place! um, out of 5 competing. :P

    Excited about Kyra's book and thanks for highlighting C. Desir's book, will check it out. (:

  7. Fun to read the hop.

    I love all the new books being highlighted and am impressed by their attention-grabbing blurbs and covers. Thanks for sharing.

  8. I'm very much looking forward to reading Fault Line.

    And I learned to drive on a crown victoria station wagon. And yet, I still can't parallel park my much smaller car.

  9. I've emailed back and forth with Christa, and I'm in the Lucky13s with her--- LOVE HER! But I've never met her-- I'm a little jealous. :)

  10. "...or is this burning an eternal flame." *belt the song out* LOL! That was a bad one.

  11. I'm curious--why Nova Scotia?! And this is fab, fun answers, and that book sounds great! :D

  12. That is a great cover for Fault Line. And, Cortney, don't ask questions. Nova Scotia is gorgeous.

  13. groceries is a good answer, i do every week. and xmas shopping lately!

    fault line looks excellent!

  14. You're hilarious. What's wrong with Eternal Flame? :)

    I want a cottage in Nova Scotia!
    Groceries. I share your opinion. I like food. I just hate spending money on it.

  15. Stopping by to say hi and that I loved reading your answers for the blog hop. Have a good day.

  16. I wwooullldd laugh, but then I'd realize they were hurt. Then I'd feel really bad.

  17. The video of the song was pretty awful too!

  18. Love your answer to number two.

    I didn't realize you were gluten free. Celiacs?

    1. Yes. Makes me soooo ill. Like curl over and die ill :/

  19. Great answers. And I would never laugh, either. How rude. :)

  20. Replies
    1. I'm in LOVE with that place... it's so magical. Visited it a few years ago. I would love to live in a little cottage by the sea and write. That's my dream, LOL.

  21. Fault Line is already on my TBR list . I love the cover!

    Most people so far are saying that groceries is the $100 purchase. lol

  22. Figures, you can pitch a tent too!! You should just change your name to Super Red! Knuckles bumps on the grocery that a crazy money drain or what? And when am I invited to the cottage? ;)

  23. I'm so sorry you can't eat gluten! OMG my poor Morgan. I think somewhere a fairy just died. Poor fairy. May your life be filled with tasty gluten free offerings.

  24. Yeah, you seem too nice to laugh at someone falling down, even if its your best friend. That's the problem with you. You're too nice!!!

  25. Hehe, I'm amused at how many people are ticket-free besides me! It's an oddity where I'm from.

  26. Oh, wow. That's a compelling blurb. I'm adding this to my to-read list.

    Come and save Pete the Elf:

  27. Hard to believe so many people can't pitch a tent. I mean you just wind up and make sure it sails over the plate within the strike zone, right?

    And congrats to Christa and Kyra!

  28. Fault Line is definitely an attention-grabbing cover.

    Who wouldn't love to have the keys to his or her own cottage? I'd like one in Cape Cod or Bar Harbor, Maine.

  29. That's a lot of happy for one post!! And I've been stalking your blog, just being lazy and not commenting...
    It's a BUSY place here...

  30. Both of those books sound great! Love the trapper hat the guy is wearing on the cover of BLINDSIDED. Seriously, one of those would come in handy with all the snow we have up here in Canada right now. And speaking of Canada, how cool is it that you'd love to have your own cottage in Nova Scotia? Nowhere near my province, but it's beautiful there. Good answer!

  31. Both books sound really good! And I used to love that song Eternal Flame when I was a kid!! haha

  32. Don't they make gluten free pancakes?

    You drove a big 'ol Crown Vic? I used to call those things Planet Destroyers.

  33. Hooray for good books! :)

    P.S. It was great to see you at #NALitChat on Thursday!

  34. FAULTLINE sounds amazing, and what a great cover. Already excited about Kyra's book, woo! Nice answers for the "And You Are?" hop :)

  35. Sorry I missed that blogfest: And you are. . ? I have to say though, there is such a thing as a bad vacation, and mine was my honeymoon, but it's not what you think. It was in Ecuador, and let's just say no electricity, no WATER, mosquitoes, cold, my husband lost the key to the house, and a stray dog ate my new shoe. Need I say more! Camping's a cake walk by comparison :)

  36. Nice cover! And the blurb sounds good too, like Veronica Mars but without the detective work... and with the guy actually giving a hoot...

  37. I love pancakes and Eternal Flame! This blog hop has been so entertaining for showing how one person's favourite is someone else's "worst of".

  38. My uncle lives there...heard its beautiful. P.s. now I know what song to use to torture you! Yes!

  39. Look at all this COOL stuff going on! Christa's and Kyra's books sound so good! Can't wait to read em' :)

  40. That is a fantastic cover. I got the chance to crit something Christa co-wrote and it was AMAZING. I still think about... so be very excited for this book! I can't wait to read it.

    Also... no gluten? Sadness. My son is on the no gluten diet.

  41. Got Kyra's book last Thursday. Love the Fault Line cover. Oh so you and Jeff are the 'tent people' huh? Well from the comments I see Alex can't pitch a tent either so I'm in excellent company. You gave some fun answers. My worst song was Rebecca Black's Friday.

  42. You know, I didn't think there was such a thing as a bad vacation, but when people were counting camping I did remember one camping trip that was fairly awful. Also, an allergic reaction on a vacation that I'd forgotten about. So...I guess they do, but I had buried them deeply until other people made me remember.

    Shannon at The Warrior Muse

  43. You drove...a Crown Victoria. That is awesome! What's bad is that I'm already cringing at what my first car was :P

    I'm off to read part 2!

  44. Ha!

    You got no tickets cos you were driving an old cop car, so the Fuzz probably thought you were undercover :)

    ps... me no camp. Evah. :)

  45. I love the cover pic of Christa's book... it's so intriguing...
    I've only gotten one speeding ticket! I cannot pitch a tent (not the outdoorsy-type)...

    1. Let me re-phrase that lest it sounds misleaing... not the "camping type"...

    2. Sorry, there's a typo... it should be "misleading" (grrrrr...)

  46. Who can't - I can't, but I am not sure I answered that on clearly on my post.

    Rhonda at Laugh Quotes

  47. Groceries would have been my answer, too. Such exciting lives we lead - LOL!

  48. I didn't know you are gluten intolerant! I'm learning so much about you today!

  49. Fantastic COVER!!!! It really catches your attention.

    Congrats to Christa ....


    to Kyra on her new book!

    I wouldn't laugh either.... Groceries? Not surprising with your booming family.

    Ooooo a cottage in Nova Scottia ... Let's be neighbors!

    You don't like Eternal Flame? Boo who ... I do!

  50. Nice covers! And holy cow, look at this sea of comments! You're a celeb, Morgan!

    I honestly don't know if I could survive without glutton. It's the glue that keeps my ton together. :)

  51. Gluten better hide from me. I'm on a low carb diet, and I'd KILL for a piece of bread. :P

    Sounds like two great books! Best of luck, ladies. :D



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