Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Cover Reveal and a Special Shout Out!

I'm so excited to be part of Leigh Fallon's cover reveal for Shadow of the Mark! Leigh is a dear friend and beyond talented. I actually read an early version of Shadow of the Mark and just thinking about it gives me chills. CHILLS. It's SO fantastic. It's the second book in the trilogy, sequel to Carrier of the Mark. 

About the cover:

I know, there's no mistaking it. This is definitely a Carrier Series  cover, but that was the intention. After the amazing reception to the  cover of Carrier of the Mark, HarperCollins wanted Shadow's cover to  be instantly recognizable. And it is, but the new darker color palette  reflects the darker tone that this installment brings, and the pink  and purple really make it pop. I love it and think HarperCollins have  done another amazing job. I hope you like it too.

Shadow of the Mark:

Life for Megan Rosenberg just got a lot more complicated.

While she evoked the air element, and her feelings for Adam intensified, a web of lies, deceit, and betrayal has been spun around  her.  With the Order tightening its hold, and the reinstatement of the Mark Knights, Megan has more questions than  answers as the Marked Ones grow in strength.

New people arouse suspicion, the DeRises start behaving strangely, and Megan begins to unravel a destiny shrouded in mystery.   It's a destiny the Order has struggled to hide,
and a destiny someone from the past?far in the past, has already laid claim to.

Alliances will be made, and friends will be lost, as the Order's dark secrets are revealed by the very thing they sought to destroy.

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Next, I have to give a HUGE shout out to an AWESOME author I adore SO MUCH. Anya Allyn has a new book, DOLLHOUSE, for sale on Amazon now, or you can find it on Goodreads here. Anya is one of my oldest writer friends and is sickly talented. Here's a blurb:

Fifteen year old Aisha disappears in the forests on a school hiking trip. She's the latest in a string of children to vanish there over the past five years. The towns surrounding the forests are on edge and they demand answers. And wildboy Ethan—Aisha's boyfriend—is on the run after he and his grandfather are blamed for Aisha's disappearance.

Cassie is just about the only friend Ethan has left. She's been secretly in love with him ever since her mother dragged her to the wilds of Australia from Florida six months ago. 

Desperate to prove Ethan's innocence, Cassie searches the forests with Ethan to find out what really happened to Aisha. But Ethan's growing strangely silent, and Cassie's left questioning if her feelings for him are clouding her judgment. 

Cassie discovers a dark secret lurking in the heart of the forests; a secret world of nightmarish horrors—where nothing is as it seems, where the supernatural invades your soul, where the people she trusted most might be the people she can trust the least, and where escape exists only in dreams.

Phew! Some great stuff here. I hope you guys will check out Leigh and Anya's work. They are both awesome. Read anything good lately? 

Red. Head. Out. :D 


  1. Thanks for sharing the book news. These look like awesome reads. Congratulations to Leigh and Anya!

  2. I really really like the name of the first one...:)

  3. Mark's comment is my first laugh of the day!

  4. Thanks for the recommendations. They both sound great!

  5. That purple dress is totally cool! What a neat cover.

    Dollhouse sounds interesting too--I love the last paragraph of the synopsis.

  6. Both of the covers are stunning! And both are books I'd definitely pick up :)

  7. Re: the first cover, I'm seeing a LOT of purple and shades of purple/dark blue on covers lately. If this is a cover trend, it's one I really like!

    The last book I read for my YA Lit class was Marjane Satrapi's graphic novel/memoir Persepolis, about growing up in Iran during the revolutions and Iran-Iraq War. I liked it so much that I immediately checked out the sequel, which picks up right where the first book left off, as Marji is starting a French-language school in Vienna in 1984. Growing up, my family was friends with an Iranian family who left in 1979 or 1980, so this helped me to understand a bit of what my friends' parents must've gone through before they escaped.

  8. Both of these sound like books my daughter would like. Thanks for spotlighting, Morgan. :)

  9. Both books sound, um, what's the word I'm looking for? How about AMAZING! The covers are gorgeous! Thanks so much for sharing these. Dollhouse sounds so intense!

  10. Really nice covers on both of them and they sound like a great read too! Thanks for sharing this Morgan!

  11. WOW! Two new book and two awesome covers! Thanks :)

  12. That book cover looks awesome. I love 'series' covers where each installment has a theme to make the books recognizable. Awesome cover!

  13. Shadow of the Mark has a great cover, though it reminds me very much of the Everneath cover. I see that the teengirlinaballgown motif is still big. ;)

    Look like great stories, much luck to the authors!

  14. Love the purple. They did the right thing keeping Carrier series recognizable. Dollhouse intrigues me greatly. I paused writing this comment just to download the sample. Yeah I'm that interested.

    It kind of reminds me of a novel idea I jotted down in my novel idea book. It's named Beseech and it's about a girl living in a town where you're not allowed to talk about bad things. Not even the death of a loved one. When people are dying my main character is offered the chance to change things by a mysterious being but she refuses not wanting to turn upside down her teen life. But that happens anyway when a popular teen dies and someone who loves her goes after my M.C. for revenge.

  15. Wow! Leigh's Shadow of the Mark cover is stunning! Love it!!

    You're so lovely for posting a shout-out on my book, Morgan. I cannot WAIT until I am holding your book in my hot little hands - the first of many to come! You're the most dedicated writer I know and your work just shines.

    Mark Koopmans, I can rename mine 'Mark of the Dollhouse' if you like ;)

    Charlie Holmberg, yes the teengirlinaballgown cover is popular. I debated whether to use this motif, then thought that seeing as the characters spend half the book in ballgowns, I'd better signal that on the cover :) :)

    Sheena-kay Graham, your idea for your novel, Beseech sounds intriguing!!


    1. LOL to "Mark of the Dollhouse," Anya! Too funny. :)

      And I really do love the cover... and I'm SO STOKED to dive in... <3 <3 <3

  16. Two awesome looking covers! I can't keep up with books coming out. Aaaaahhhhh! Is it just me when my head feels it will explode cause I can't read them all. Sheesh! hehe

  17. Great looking covers. That purple one really grabs the eyes.

  18. two awesome covers! beautiful and mysterious!
    love the story for dollhouse! spooky!

  19. I've never seen a cover that made fabric look like smoke like that. You are absolutely correct...that cover is mesmerizing. It looks like a cloud and at first, I thought, is that lady some kind of djinn? There has to be magic at play of some sort.

    I recently saw a Harper Collins cover that I thought was vomitous. I'm not gonna say which one but I'll email it to you if you'd like to know. I don't want to say cause if the author saw my comment, it might hurt some feelings. All I gotta say is, just because it's Harper Collins does not guarantee a good cover. But the one you are showing her knocked it out of the ball park.

  20. That cover is amazing!!! Well, they both are amazing :)

  21. Both covers are beautiful. And the books sound great.

  22. Love both covers! And the stories sound good, too. :)

  23. @ Anya: Oh my gosh, who's been spilling the secrets of my misspent childhood!

    It wasn't a "dollhouse," it was a "Barbie Abode"

    (Did I just type that out loud... yikes :)

  24. Love the cover, thank you for sharing news about the book!

  25. Leigh has got some super pretty book covers. Can't wait to read it. :D



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