Saturday, March 17, 2012

"Got Green?" Blog Hop!

Yaaaay... the day is finally here. I've had me Lucky Charms, Green clothes, and DVD of Far and Away waiting fur weeks. ;)

Welcome to Mark Koopman's Mahvelous "Got Green?" Blog Hop!

Today my entry features two very special people. One, a villain. The other, a super hero. But beware folks, because both only surface on One. Day. A. Year. St. Paddy's day!

Before we get to my 333 word entry, let me introduce you to our two stars. First off, we've got Lucky, the "lobaircin" who makes all our lives miserable by chalking our kids full of sugar and is notorious for being stingy with the marshmallows.

And our hero? None other than the infamous Super Irish Guy, aka SIGGY, aka Mark Koopmans. Who... well, you'll just have to read about his super power below.

The Ides of Ireland:

The crowd stood shoulder to shoulder, the early morning sun pounding down on our heads. The smell of sweat and unwashed bodies perforated the air and a baby wailed somewhere in the chaos. Hundreds surrounded the arena, some having been camped out for days.

I shifted my weight, my legs aching with the wait. But it was worth it. I’d stand here for another week to get a good look at Super Irish Guy, aka SIGGY.

Then he entered.

Face painted green, orange, and white, with parallel colors flowing from his back, he stood with his feet planted, one hand on hip, other clasping a mug of ale. His eyes scanned the crowd under his backwards baseball cap until they zeroed in on his opponent.

The small green man sat across the arena, one knee propped up, clover stuck between his teeth. His red hair was matted under his green top hat, an evil smile lurking at his lips.

“Do ye think he’ll win?” I asked the man next to me. “Lucky looks pretty smug.”

“Och, dinna fash, lassie. 'Course he’ll win. No one can stop the SIGGY.”

As if hearing our words, the SIGGY took one last swig of ale and tossed the mug to the ground. Lucky unfolded from his position and spit the clover from his teeth. The two faced each other in silence, as if waiting for the other to move.

Then Lucky charged. He pulled out a small dagger, the sun glinting dangerously off its shiny face. SIGGY grabbed the blade with one bare hand, unflinching, and ripped the weapon from Lucky’s grasp. But Lucky procured another blade and stuck it in SIGGY’s side, pinning him.

The crowd stopped. No one moved. But SIGGY smiled. He removed his cap. The sun bounced off SIGGY’s baldhead and burned Lucky like a magnifying glass to an ant, the heat sizzling him to a crisp.

The crowd erupted.

“Who's got yer Lucky Charms now!” SIGGY yelled. “Beware the Ides of Ireland!”

And now I'm off to go check out the other entries! You can find them on Mark's blog here

Red. IrishHead. Out. :D 


  1. This. Was. Awesome, Morgan! I can't stop laughing :)

  2. Cool story, Morgan. Poor Lucky...guess he's not so lucky after all. :(

  3. Awesome.

    I was just wondering where the pictures of SIGGY were. So glad you had one. =)

  4. I loved the story. Poor Lucky, though!
    I wonder if you're also of Irish descent...
    Happy St. Patrick's!

  5. Haha! Awesome! So intense... I was on the edge of my seat the entire time. Great story Morgan!

  6. Great showdown! Super funny :) Happy St. Patrick's day Morgan!

  7. Oh Wow! Morgan. You know how hard I'm laughing over her? And to thing we started out day with a bowl of that magically delicious stuff. I didn't know it was part of an evil scheme. Well, now I know. Siggy is my favorite new super hero!

    Happy St. Paddy's Day! :)

  8. Go Siggy! Fun post- happy St. Paddy's Day.

  9. Bahahahaha! Oh my gosh! You are so stinking hilarious. You WIN - you WIN! I voted. This is spectacular girl. I love it! And I love you! And now you're stuck with me FOREVER! muahahahahaha

  10. Hahahaha. Great entry. Take that you little kid teeth rotting monster. LOL! Way to go.

    I am trying to figure out how to add in a 'clicky' signature, so I figured you wouldn't mind letting me know if it works, dear Morgan. I would greatly appreciate it. Just let me know if it takes you directly to my blog or not.

    Great entry.


  11. Very funny. Thanks! I needed a good laugh. Stay safe everyone. Lots of crazy drunk drivers out today.

  12. Reading this as were driving and me and the wife are peeing ourselves!!!
    That was the coolest ever!....but did you have to go with the bald head:) !!!!

  13. Yay Siggy!!! Lol, so fun. And why does Far and Away sound familiar? Is that the movie with Tom Cruise and whatsername?

  14. A great three thirty three tale :)

    Visiting from Mark's blog

  15. Love this. I'm dying here. So funny. Happy St Patrick's Day!

  16. Great little story there, Morgs. You's a brilliant gal, you are.

  17. I loved this! hahaha!!
    Happy St. Patrick's Day!!

  18. Lol! I love this! And 333 (tree tree tree)- VERY green white & orange altogether! Great post! ;)

  19. Very impressed that you cranked out a number one pick book with four kiddos underfoot! Candidate for the, 'I don't know how she does it,' award. :)

  20. Loved your post. I am a new follower from Mark's blog o'hop. Nice to meet you.

  21. This was just brilliant. I always knew Koops was a superhero :-)

  22. Fun, you made me laugh specially with the ending. Have a great week ahead.

  23. Hahahahaaa! That ending was hilarious! And you painted a fantastic mental picture of the crowd in your first paragraph. Well done :-)

  24. Funny story! Great descriptions- could totally picture it! I left you an award on my blog!

  25. Okay - I mean to pop in here ON St. Patrick's Day, lol.
    I suck.
    Too funny.

    And yes. Stingy with the marshmallows . . .

  26. This is great. Thanks for the chuckle.

  27. Hahahaha! Fantastic ending. I you showed it well, bald head and all!

  28. This totally made me :), Morgan. A good thing on a Monday!

    Really stopped by to thank you for leaving the kind words on my blog last week. They were greatly appreciated during a tough family time.

    Hope you have a great week,


  29. Oh my gosh, this is awesome! Totally still giggling. I'm calling Mark SIGGY now. I just... I just have to!

  30. I agree with Cassie. This bit of writing is indeed awesome. I especially love the dialogue.

  31. Super Irish Guy is awesome. We'll all be calling Mark Siggy. :)

  32. @ Cassie and M Pax: Hey now... at least my last name isn't "Stardust" :)

    @ Morgan: First time I've had since Saturday morning to read this on a screen bigger than 2.5 inches...

    Still cracking me up... you do know I am sooooo going to get you back :)~

  33. Hey, Morgan! Over here! Will'ya sign my Lucky Charms?
    *pops up from the center of the crowd with a wave*

    Congratulations, btw! You MUST send pics of your "All expenses paid trip to Hawaii"! Inquiring minds need to know how SIGGY has recovered from his knife wound. I hear stale pink and green marshmallows make a nice salve when mixed with a bit o' ale.

  34. Ok, computer! Stop deleting all my best stuff!

    So, I'll try again...

    I'm back to comment again, since my first waaaayyy too long comment disappeared. I left for an hour or so thinking maybe it was awaiting comment moderation, only to see now that NOPE. It's just gone.

    Well, all I remember of my brilliance was that I'm not as brilliant as I think I am, apparently. I stopped in to say, JOB WELL DONE on SIGGY's blogfest, and...

    "Hey! Will'ya sign my box of Lucky Charms? Will'ya?"
    *pops up from the center of the crowd with an enthusiastic wave and a wide-eyed look that might just scare 'ya off if you're smart*

    Can't wait to get to know you, Morgan! You've got FUN written all over that red head and smile of yours!




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