Friday, February 3, 2012

In Which I Reciprocate Awards...

Uh oh... Morg is about to get all sentimental... don't worry, it won't last too long *winks* (which is good, because apparently I've taken to talking in third person)

I've loved what's been going on in the blogging community this last month. Lots of awards, shout outs, support all around. It's so refreshing and nice to be among such great people.

Being a new blogger myself, I was nervous about this whole bloggy thing. But it's only opened my eyes up to another side of the writer community that ROCKS.

This past month, I've received awards from some awesome blogger friends and I wanted to reciprocate. I've loved the Skunk awards, Versatile blogger awards, Love awards... So I wanted to do was give out: *clears throat* "The Most Fascinating People I've Recently met" Awards. <---LOL! How's that for a stretch?

And dim the lights:

Tiana Smith She writes books for tweens and blogs about reading and writing (but not arithmetic). I always look forward to what she has to say. Definitely a strong voice in this writing community. 

Shawn Klomparens Shawn is the real deal. Yes, don't be fooled by his Hollywood good looks--he's a real, live breathing author. *titter* I wanted to give a special shout out to Shawn because his books are amazzzzing... (Mental note: Do a special post on his books alone) He's the author of Jessica Z. and Two Years, No Rain. Go check out his site. Seriously... Have you done it yet?

Mark Koopmans
He's a husband, former journalist, current writer and stay-at-home dad to three boys under the age of five. And his blog is HILARIOUS. He turns real life situations into stories that have me "ROFL."
Courtney Pearson  I met Courtney at a SCBWI conference this last fall. Her work is AWESOME and she's definitely someone all agents need to be on the look out for.

Cassie Mae How does one not include Cassie when doing awards? This girl is a blogging goddess. Her positivity and enthusiasm in the writer community is astounding. Don't you agree?

Jolene Perry Jolene just "gets" it. I look forward to every post she does and can't wait to sit down and read her book The Next Door Boys that everyone is raving about.

Awesome peeps, huh? Go check out their sites and support their work. Of course, there are a few others of you out there that I'm thinking of... So don't worry, I'll get you on the next round.

Okay, cheesy sentimental Morg is out :D


  1. Awesome, thanks Morgan!!! The title of this post totally sounds like the title chapters in the Winnie-the-Pooh books. (My favorites, as a kid.) Chapter One, In Which Pooh Gets Into a Tight Place. LOL Love it!!! You're so cool, Morg!! :D Thanks again for the shout out.

  2. Awww you're too much! Thanks Morgan :) Now I'm off to go check out the other peeps.

  3. Those are some awesome peeps, that's fo sho!! :)

    You're pretty awesome too ;)

  4. Thanks for the sites to check out, I'll be heading over soon! Just off to take a nap 'cause I have to work tonight. Blah! :( Still need a real paycheck unfortunately.

  5. Ooooh I'm excited to check out these other blogs! It's always fun to read new stuff :) I'm a little offended that mine wasn't spotlighted.....I mean I know I'm no author but....hehe ;)

  6. Hey Morg,

    Wow.... ( )

    That's me being speechless... I was shocked to see my picture as one of your award winners... I had to double check to make sure it wasn't the police blotter from the newspaper:)

    THANK YOU so much for the kind words and to see myself next to some awesome bloggers... wow... you've made my day :)

    Cheers:) (walks away whistling some weird Depeche Mode tune...)

  7. Congrats on the awards and for passing on the shout out. I love this writerly community.

  8. Blogging Goddess? I will take that title and display it proudly!!!!

    Going to do some following. If you love these people I know they're totally cool :D

  9. Congrats on le awardings! And what a lovely thing to give out! Now to check out these lovely linkys! Wooo!



    THANK YOU MORGAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Also - read Night Sky - it's more me and more your style, lol.

    I MIGHT know where you could get an ARC ;-D

    1. Ahem... that book has been the best one I've read all year! Just sayin'

    2. ARC! ARC! ARC! *is stoked* ;)

  11. You've picked some great people to spotlight! And congrats on your awards!

  12. Tiana is one of my BEST blogging buddies and I just recently started following Cassie. Now I have five more to stalk, yours included! :)

  13. Quite a list of fine bloggers! Going to check them out.

    Really came over to say thank you for following and commenting on my blog. I've now done the same for you. Sounds very Godfather-y when I say it like that... promise I won't ask you rub someone out or run liquor across state lines. Just enjoyed your blog! :)


  14. I believe I am happily following every one of them (better double check on Shawn, though). Congrats on the awards! :)

  15. Love this idea! I have been blogging a whole year(go me!) and still feel like I know next to nothing about it. But I am learning and love the fabulous people I have met so far. I will definitely check out those you highlighted here. Love your blog!



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