Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Bad Guy = Good?

What is it about the "bad guy" that we love?

Come on, you know the type. Dark, brooding, conflicted soul...

I've been watching (Sh! Don't tell!) The Vampire Diaries series. (Haven't read the books, so can't tell you how those are)

Damon is totally my fav character. Why? I have no clue. Besides that he's hot? He sure doesn't have any redeeming qualities. (So far--I'm only a few episodes in) I mean, the guy's a total jerk. Kills people left and right without thinking twice.

So why do I root for him? Is it the hope there's some good in him that'll surface eventually?

And it's like this everywhere. Girls are naturally drawn to the bad boy. Maybe it's the inner desire to save a lost soul. Is there some sort of chromosome we women (or men) have that makes us think we can rescue the bad and make good? It's like how I always root for the losing team, regardless of who's playing.

Underdog syndrome.

Maybe I'm only speaking to 90% of the population, but I'm pretty sure that most of us agree. Which doesn't make sense. Because, it's not like in real life we want to be kidnapped by some dark mysterious stranger who ends up being a vampire that has an undying need to kill us.

So what is it? What is it about the bad that compels us so? Do books and movies tap into some dark unspoken part of our souls or subconscious that longs for something more than the good that's right in front of us?

And when did bad = sexy? Does it in your opinion? I don't have the answer. Which is why I'm asking YOU. I'd REALLY like to know the answer!

Red. Head. Out. :D


  1. Oh.
    We really, REALLY want to be the girl that makes that bad boy turn around. He can be bad to everyone else (cause yanno - sexy edge and all that) BUT we want him to change for US, and to lose sight of his badness for US.

    I think that's the biggest thing.

    In MY life??
    I dated a bad boy for a while - complete with crack addiction and tattoos (my name being among them, lol)
    And all I can say is - SO. NOT. WORTH. IT.

    But . . . while writing??
    Yes. We LOVE the bad boy because SOMEWHERE in there, even if only ONE girl can see it. A part of me really, really wants to be the girl that makes him see it, too.

  2. Har har har- this is so true! Every parents nightmare- their daughter falls for the 'bad' guy.
    I recon it's the daring bad-ass wannabe's inside ourselves that creates the attraction. I mean, everyone wants to be bold and daring at some point in life, but just mightn't have the goolies to be 'that' person, so gets drawn towards the type.

    Hmmm- in not so sure, but they are my initial thoughts!

  3. Hey Morgan,

    I'm holding on tight to my ManCard here, but I think many girls are attacted to that which they've always been told is "bad"'s like kids who are told not to touch the hot pan... and what do they do :)

    PS... Glad you liked my *long* post on Aloha :) (I've got *eight* comments now... what does that mean ??? :)

    1. LOL! Your ManCard is safe ;) I was wondering if I'd get any guy comments :D

  4. Bad CAN be good, or at least good-looking. : )
    I don't watch The Vampire Diaries, but I know the type of character you're referring to, and I, too, can't resist 'em.

  5. One of my favorite bad = sexy is the Phantom of the Opera. Sure, he's a stalking manipulative creeper, but when he sings Music of the Night, I just don't care.

    I could have quite the lengthy conversation with this one...may have just given me a great idea for a blog post. New follower!

  6. Gaaah... seriously! I've been a die hard phantom fan since reading Gaston Leroux's book. Such a great example! (And following your blog too... great post!)

  7. "it's not like in real life we want to be kidnapped by some dark mysterious stranger who ends up being a vampire that has an undying need to kill us."

    BAHAHAHA! This line made me burst out laughing!!! It is SO TRUE.....seriously why do we love the bad guy so much??? I had never given it much thought till now. Maybe we will never know the answer to that question :) I think my favorite bad guy, along with the Phantom (even more specifically-Ramin Karimloo as the Phantom) is Sawyer from Lost. Yum. Is it just me or do all bad guys have longer hair too.....or maybe that's just how I like them ? ;)

  8. Personally I've never liked the bad boys in literature (I know, I'm an anomaly...) Same goes for TV shows and movies. I just get frustrated that the girl doesn't see how much of a jerk he is.

    I once dated a bad boy and things turned out ... very, very badly. I learned my lesson. I think that's why I don't like reading/watching it. It just brings back some dark memories.

  9. I agree 100% with Jolene. We want to be the one they fall for, the one that makes them see something else, even if its only in us. Plus, there is something about uncovering something underneath all that badness. Love bad boys!

    1. Yes! I think you guys have nailed it... is that what it is? Seems like a near impossible battle... I wonder why most of us have that ingrained in us. WEIRD!

  10. Been there too. Once I chose a bad boy over a sweet, clean cut firefighter who I probably left scratching his head. The other one was a surfer type who probably smoked pot, had his driver's license revoked (hmm), and lived with another woman (as a platonic roommate, or so he said). Fortunately I moved away before it went anywhere. I ended up marrying a semi-bad boy, as in he was a player, and I DID reform him!

  11. Bad guys or the bad boys tend to be bad asses, being able to take care of themselves. Women might be drawn to the fact that bad boys tend to have an air of confidence and also tends to be very suave as well.

    I don't swoon over the whole brooding, angst ridden guy. I'm more for the bad boy with a good heart/sensitive side. Personally, I adore the Hugh Jackman type of guys. They are funny, nice, charming, and down to earth.

    But I must admit that I LOVE Robert Downey Jr.

  12. Tried to comment on this yesterday and my phone failed me.

    Bad boys are fine and all (until you get to the reality point that they really won't change for you). But I have always been more of a fan of the Clark Kents and Bruce Waynes. The sexy geeks that can fix anything, or know a bunch of stuff, or just look at you through their glasses and their coiffed hair.

  13. You can have Damon. I'm a Stephan fan all the way. But right now, Stephan is bad, and I can't tell you how incredibly sexy that is! :)

    1. Ohhh... I've heard about bad Stephan... I'm excited... LOL. :D

  14. Ok, I always wanted Claw for Gadget to win--just once. It only seemed fair. Blast Penny always helping out Gadget. Pft.

    Anyway, I've gone for the bad guy many a time in my life. What was wrong with me. Seriously. Maybe it was because they were drop dead gorgeous and... I'll admit, freaking good kissers. Back to the point. Perhaps, I did this because I wasn't quite ready for a commitment.

    And a lot of books these days glorify the bad guy persona. It's more interesting. haha

    Great post, sister!

  15. Morgan, I came here just to stare at the pictures again. LOL!!! Just kidding, I remembered I hadn't commented yesterday. I keep thinking about Jess from Gilmore Girls, he was the "bad boy" that Rory gave up the "good boy" for, and there is definitely something about their confidence and attitude that just makes them intriguing. And yes, SEXY! I didn't like Jess for a long time, actually, because he kinda treats Rory like crap, but he redeems himself later on, which made me REALLY like him and feel bad for him. So I tried to get my hubby to turn on Vamp Diaries on Netflix last night because we're looking for something new to watch, but how can I persuade him? Lol I think the guys are hot? Bahaha! I told him I saw a couple episodes and they were good, but that wasn't enough of a nudge.

  16. I think I'm more like Anne Shirley. I'm more into the guy who COULD be bad--but isn't. lol

  17. yep, Damon is definitely hot. I don't know what it is about the bad guy either. They always come across as strong and I guess that might be what attracts me.

  18. Totally LOVE Damon!!!
    Thanks for following my blog. I'm a follower to yours now and I can see we have a lot of the same interests. Awesome!
    P.S. - I saw your comment on my post about Adam Levine *SIGH* but now it's gone. I don't know where it went, but I've been having problems with my blogger! grrr. It hates me.

  19. I'm stopping by because we're in the same YA Campaign group, and as I'm scrolling through your blog, I screech to a halt as I see Damon/Ian staring at me. I'm such a "bad guy" gal that it's not even funny. Damon was my favorite in the books, and TV Damon makes me swoon. I've never figured out the reasons (since I'm terrified of the bad boy type in real life), but they are always my favorites in fictional worlds.



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