Friday, February 17, 2012

Are All Authors X-tremists?

... And by this I of course mean nothing to do with political or religious views, but extreme as in great, adventurous, high risk, going above and beyond the normal…

Yesterday I finished WILD LIFE by Michael Modzelewski. It was a riot! The story is a memoir of the author’s life as a Cosmo bachelor and his journey to where he is today. It’s verrrry adult, so all my teen readers close your eyes, but for my not so innocent friends, the story is not only hilarious, but layered with lovely discoveries about life, love, and emotion. You can read my 5 star review or purchase the book on Amazon here.

After I finished Mr. Modzelewski’s book, I checked out his site and discovered aside from his writing, he’s a total renaissance man. Completed 15 Ultra marathons (For those of you who don’t know, they’re like 100 mile races), climbed several of the world’s highest mountains, is a motivational speaker all around the world, had his life dramatized in an Off-Broadway play along with being made into a major motion picture, and the list goes on… and on… and on….

I live with an X-tremist. He too has done Ultra marathons and climbed incredible peaks (i.e. the Matterhorn), and accomplished great feats that the “normal” person would never dream of doing. The reason I bring this up is because there are certain type of people in this world that Just. Aren’t. Afraid. They’re missing that chromosome that tells them “no.” They see what they want, go out there and do it. Why? Because they can.

I’m not one of those people. I exude confidence and hope on the outside, but inside? I go back and forth and back and forth on whether something’s right for me, if I really have the skills, whether or not I’m wasting my time… I’m a hard worker, but it’s a mental strain every step.

But then it hit me.

Even though I may be missing that “I can do anything and be successful” chromosome, I’ve realized I can still be an X-tremist. Regardless of what one feels on the inside, the end result can be the same. As long as I can train myself to push through those negative mental barriers.

We writers may not be ultra-marathoners, but it takes just as much perseverance, time, sweat, training, and heartache to be an author. We are X-tremists. Just like one trains for an ultra marathon (which takes hours and hours of physical training and pain), we face that same type of adversity/doubt/frustration every day staring at that blank page, that sentence that just isn’t right, or that one word that is ruining the mood like a drop of iodine in water.

So, even though we may all not be Michael Modzelewski (super human), we still can be extraordinary.

Where do you fall in the X-tremist scale? Does the word “no” affect you? Or are you more like me? I’d love to know your thoughts.

Red. Head. Out. :D


  1. Ohh, I am definitely more like you. There is very little about me that is extreme lol!

  2. I'm a lot more like you. All things "thrilling" scare me to death. (The first time I went boogey boarding ... yeah. I literally cried I was so scared of the water. Not my best moment).

  3. I am a writing X-tremist! I have no fear of rejection or gut wrenching reviews. But in real life...not so much. Dude, you can die doing most of that stuff!

  4. The word "no" only terrifies me when it's preceded by the words "there is" and followed by the words "more pizza" :p

    I have times when I write fearlessly, with the occasional day of doubt. Mostly, though, I just do my best to bask in how much I love what I do.

  5. 'No' really affects me but I guess when I need to I'm able to break that mental barrier! And that sounds like a good book!

  6. I don't go looking for extreme activities, but when the opportunity presents itself I won't say no. I love wakeboarding and hiking.
    I would love to go skydiving, hang gliding, and learn to surf. The opportunities just haven't presented themselves as of yet. So for now, I'll continue to read about them and dream of the day when I can enjoy them myself.

  7. Love this post! I'm totally not one of those extreme kind of people with no fear (quite the opposite, really), but getting through those barriers is so super important! Thanks for sharing this--totally what I needed to hear today :)

  8. Oh, the word "no" definitely gets to me! I can't deny that. But I find that I have an unusual ability to pick myself up, dust myself off and move on. I may not be "successful" in the ways that a lot of other people are, but I pride myself on my ability to walk into a room filled with people gossiping about me, for example. I am lucky to have the husband I do, I guess! He keeps all the pieces of me together so that I can appear composed and self assured in public.

  9. I am SO extreme. I just ate 5 oreos without any thought whatsoever.....BAM! I might just go eat some more? Who knows! ;)Ok ok so maybe I'm not that extreme, but I think we both know that we have potential of doing great things (even if those things are a little on the safe side) :)

  10. I'm probably somewhere in between. I consider myself shy, but I'm also willing to try a lot if I think it's within my realm of capability, and my friends love to tease me over the bizarre stories that come out of my mouth. I think I'm fairly boring, but I guess I've done enough in my life thus far to warrent some exclamation points or something, lol I'm a big over-thinker and fretter at times, but I also really love to try new stuff. I'm the person that takes free classes and gets into everything just for the hell of it (and you never know when you can use it in a story!). But I agree that theres a type of person that just doesn't know fear - or rather they're so at a balanced equilibrium that they naturally accept all the consequences that would freak the rest of us out.

  11. The word 'no' is still really hard for me to deal with. I know I need to develop a thicker skin if I ever intend to query a story (and even beyond that possibly). Right now it's just kind of crushing.

  12. It totally depends on the situation. For example, I can travel to another country all by myself and be completely confident about being there. On the other hand, when it comes to asking a guy out, I melt into a pool of human liquid. Ugh, that sounded gross. Sorry. LOL

    When it comes to writing, I'd say I'm an X-tremist. I've spent hours upon hours training for it. Lots of tears and heartache. Enjoyed the journey. But most of all, I'm not gonna give up. There's no "no" in my writing vocabulary.

    Does this mean I'm not super terrified throughout the process? Heck no! I'm just as scared to the bone as any writer. But we have to X-treme it all the way if we want to make it.

    Great post!

  13. Man, I'm a wimp with so many things! But I guess I'm X-treme when it comes to writing because that pesky "No" just can't hold me back for long! :)

  14. Can I relate! I live with 3 x-s. They drive me crazy with their x-isms. Every time I see a new gray hair I'm blame all or one of them. Ha. And yet, they think what I do (write books) is so beyond anything they'd ever think to do. Hmm. Each his own, I suppose.

    Thanks so much for visiting my blog, Morgan. You are very appreciated.

  15. Well...I guess I'm more extreme then not. I don't let 'no' dictate anything and usually I'm pretty good at rolling with the punches.

    But...haven't run an ultras. Though I will be running my ninth half marathon next weekend :)

  16. I used to think of myself as extreme, but I really think I'd be too chicken to do most X-treme sports... I'd love to learn to surf or ski or snowboard, but stuff like skydiving and cliff jumping scare me... maybe it's the heights...

    As for writing, I haven't been faced with horrible rude comments or people so far. I've been really lucky that the people I let read my work are very tactful, but also honest. I love criticism when it's constructive.

    We're taking the n-o word out of our vocabulary, because it's the only word our two-year-old knows what it means, and he uses it against us. So, I'm currently pretending that it doesn't exist.

  17. Such a fun post. I was a total Xtremist until I had kids. Seriously - I didn't care about doing anything. I loved the rush. Now that I have kids... I can't afford to be that way so much. Sometimes its hard on me, so I have to find a happy medium.

  18. I'm more like you. Especially if someone is trying to get me to do something--I'm resistant to doing anything outside of my comfort zone unless it's of my own accord.

  19. Me and you are twins girl. Let's step back and overanalyze the crap out of all our decisions and setbacks!


  20. I wouldn't call myself Xtreme, but I'm willing to try most things. (Not everything).

  21. It varies from day to day, and sometimes from hour to hour . . . or, yanno . . . minute to minute.


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