Sunday, January 29, 2012

Mental Balance vs. Physical

I can't remember who I was speaking with the other day (if it's you, raise your hand), but we were talking about writing environment and what was needed in order to be in the zone. Several physical things were listed. For me, it's a window. As long as I have an opening to the outside world, I can write.

But then I started thinking. (gasp!) Yes, your physical environment can affect your writing, but what about mentally?

Cue: Laugh.

Yes, of course your mental environment is just as important (if not more so) to producing great work. Balance is the key right?

Sometimes. I've done posts where I've shared that if I'm down, or angry, the positive results show. I'm able to spout off words that wouldn't have come if I hadn't have taken advantage of that emotion.

But as a whole? Yes. I need that mental balance. Those strong emotional writing bursts are great, but only last so long. Hence my theory that you can write at all times, regardless of your mental status. ***but that's another blog post***

I wanted to share some things that help clean my mental slate. Things that keep me in line. (in no order of importance! LOL)

1. Nature. I need air. To get outside and feel alive. There's something about the outdoors that reconnects oneself... that simplifies life and puts things in perspective. Me with number 3 taken a couple months ago at the Grand Canyon-->

2. Music. My music tastes differ GREATLY. I was raised very classical. My favorite period being the Baroque period--so I love everything from Bach to my fav band ever: MUSE!!! *swoons*

3. Hubby
. No words necessary. He's everything. Him climbing at Yosemite. Pretty sweet, eh? ----->

4. Dance. I have a love of all things dance. The world, the sweat, pain, beauty, all of it.
<----Special shout out to my sis. Isn't she awesome?

5. Family. Nothing seems to heal like a phone call from Mom, hug from Dad, a text session with my sis, or quality time with extended fam.

When I have these things balanced, I write better. I'm fascinated with how people tick. What kind of mental or physical organization do you need in order to produce your best work? I'd love to know your thoughts.

Red. Head. Out. :D


  1. Fab post, Morgan. I totally agree, I need to be in the zone to do my thing. But lining up all those things in an incredibly busy, fast past life is a pretty hard thing to do.

    Oh and FYI your hubby is super hot in that photo. <3<3<3 But you already knew that, didn't you?


  2. Ya Morgs! What an awesome post ;) Love that family shot of all of us.....took me forever to find you in it though! Lol! That's amazing that you write while looking out the window. That's totally how I picture it ;)

    1. *laughs* I am scrunched down there, aren't I? And hahaha... yes, I write while staring creepily out my window... the neighbors are great inspiration :P

  3. If I can't actually be outside, then I have to be by a window. Even when I was in school, I'd always pick the seat closest to it. It seriously did impact how I felt and performed in class. But doing anything I can outside in the heat is the ideal.

  4. Hey :)
    I love your pics - that one of your hubby is super sweet :) And your sister is gorgeous :)
    I didn't exactly do my top 5 things I needed to write in an eloquent manner! lol. Talking about bras and such... hardly worthwhile reading material. :)

  5. SLide "guitar" in where you have "dance" and we're twins, lol.

    I live really close to hatcher's pass, and take my kids up there ALL THE TIME. Without fail when I come home I have a burst of energy for writing.
    Same with guitar, good music . . . etc . . . Great post.

  6. Nothing compares to nature! We camp all the time and it rejuvenates us in ways no other vacation could. Nice to meet you- it's my first visit to your blog:)

  7. Wonderful pics! I'm with you on nature, family, and music, all of which inspire me on a daily basis. Oh, and the blogging world. You all really help me get busy writing!

  8. If I'm writing at home, there can't be any clutter or mess in my line of vision. If the desk is cluttered and I don't want to deal with it before writing, I put it behind me so I don't have to see it. For some reason, clutter interferes with my thoughts.

    Music's a huge part of the process, too. I listen to music that fits the scene before I write it, but during the writing I only listen to super-mellow relaxation music because it insulates me from the rest of the world. Music with lyrics or an insistent beat throws off my rhythm. And even though I don't want it to be super loud, sometimes being in a place with lots of people helps me write. There's something about the energy of it.

    I totally agree about needing a mental/emotional balance, Morgan. Most of the time, I need to feel settled and relaxed to do it right. Of course, there's the occasional scene where I'm making myself feel the emotion of the characters, like the more personal or suspenseful scenes. Those are tiring to write, but usually the most fun and rewarding.

  9. All good things! One of the things I miss most about Montana is the nature. Yes, we have nature in UT, but you have to travel a ways to get to it. I'm used to walking out my front door and already being in the forest (almost literally ... we lived outside city limits, so I only had to walk up the street to find a hiking trail). Sigh. You should post more pictures of *you* dancing! I want to see them! (Though your sister is very pretty).

  10. You're so right on so many levels. Can't say I dance, but I do have to set some things in order before I'm even able to write something. :)

  11. Love your picks! Muse is one of my favorite bands too, love em. And balance--definitely. I think my big thing is I can't write until I have all my other to-do's...done. If there are dishes in the sink or I haven't prepped for my church stuff or played with my kids yet for the day I have a hard time being able to completely focus.

  12. MORGAN! I left you an award on my blog!!! :D

  13. Hi Morgan, I do love this post. It's so true that both our environment and our mental state impacts our writing. I can work in almost any environment as long as I'm not constantly interrupted.



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