Monday, January 16, 2012

Chemistry: Fact or Fiction?

What is it about the first glance (or to put it plainly, "love at first sight") that's so enticing in novels?

Is it real? Does it happen in every day life?

I know for me, it was. There's no denying the connection I felt my sophomore year in high school when I saw my hubby for the first time. Him, slouched in his chair, with his arms on either side of the desk, acting as if no one or anything else in the world would have the slightest affect on him... it was almost like there was a charge in the air--something unearthly that drew us together.

Certain people have chemistry. And we LOVE to read about it. I don't know about you, but for me, my favorite part of a book is when the two protagonists meet eyes for the first time and we, as a reader are captured in that magic. ***Now, I'm fully aware that this moment can be overdone and used in an awful, cliche way, so please be wary when trying to create this magic.***

I thought I'd share one such moment in the novel I've been querying. Clara, the MC, has found herself in the middle of a battle, and for the first time, sees the physical being of the voice in her head she's had a thing for. Complicated much? *winks*

Through the chaos, my eyes connected with one figure. He moved as though he were made of oil, sliding in, out, and around the enemy. Every cell in my body ached to watch him.
His head turned.
 And then, for one blissful moment, the eerie, dark hollows of his eyes washed over me. I’m not sure how I knew it was me he had looked at—it was more of a feeling that had settled between us, like he had taken a breath and drawn me into him. 
---and a bit more later on--

I took a breath. And then another.
We were together. Him. Me. After years of hearing his voice in my head and wanting to see him so much I thought I would shatter from the pain it caused, he was here.
The rain had stopped and the moonlight trickled down through the branches, making his silhouette look like an extension of the long shadows under the trees.
I was staring. But so was he. Intensity radiated off of him, mingling with my fascination in the air between us. Time had no meaning. It could have been hours, minutes, or seconds that we faced each other in silence. Then he moved and the connection broke. I felt as if I had been hurled back into my body.

Now, I'm not sure if I've captured the magic here or not, I feel it when I read it (he he), but what I do know is I'm one of the lucky ones in "real life" to have found this. I'd love to know your thoughts. Have you experienced a magical first glance in real life? Or what is your favorite connection that you've read about? I know I have oodles... 


  1. So cute with your hubs! I felt it just in your little retelling, lol.

    And your excerpt is magical!

    I'm a bigger fan of the long drawn out love actually. Like they totally hate each other or don't feel a thing till suddenly... Bam! Something happens to change their mind. Even if it's something totally off the wall, like walking into a locker door.

    'Oh, he's a dork like me! I think I like him!'


  2. Haha! I like Cassie's comment... that's funny.

    I totally felt it. It's really good! And I love knowing that she's had feelings for him PRIOR to seeing him - I think that helps make the magic more intense.

    I've done some of this in one of my WIP's that I've been told works, so I hope I'm good at it too. I personally didn't really get this with my husband (before my mission), but the second time I met him (after my mission) I feel like I did. He was dating someone else at the time, and I was really excited when they broke up :-)

  3. You met your hubby in high school? That I didn't know!

    1. Haha! I did, Laura! You better look our who you're sitting next to... he's probably your future husband! ;)

  4. Ha ha, this is so ironic after my last post :) I think you did it well though. I'm also in favor of the drawn out love stories, but I think it's more just because I like to watch two people fall in love.

    Also: I NEED TO KNOW how you did a reply to Laura's comment above??? I've been wanting that feature in Blogger for forever and it seemed like you always needed an outside thing to do it? Like IntenseDebate or something. How? HOW??? (Said in the nicest way possible).

    1. Hahaha! Oh my gosh, Tiana... I was thinking of YOU while writing this! That's why I added that small disclaimer!!!! LOL! *still laughing*

      Annnd don't hate me... I have NO IDEA with the reply thingy... it just appeared! Serious. It wasn't there, and then bam! It appeared! The only thing I've done differently lately was add the little email link under settings, and I seriously doubt that had anything to do with it... anyone know? Anyone???

    2. It's okay :) I was so curious that I went to Google. I heart Google. But! I figured it out!

      You have to have "full" selected on your posts for Google indexing in your settings, and then under "comments" you have to have them embedded. Then you can even customize the code (cuz I'm a glutton for punishment like that). I changed my colors and the buttons, etc. Woot!

  5. That was awesome.

    And yeah it happens. Happened between me and the guy I'm married to :D

  6. Sigh...Cael...

    And that's so cute about your hubby. This is so crazy, but the first time I met my husband I just got this feeling. I'm going to marry him. I just knew. Weird, huh?

    Speaking of love at first sight, have you heard of/read The Statistical Probability of Love at First Sight? SOOO CUTE!! I couldn't put it down, I loved it!! If we were closer I'd lend you my copy, ha ha.

  7. Great excerpt! And I love the story about your husband :)
    I feel like characters should have to earn love. They need to work for it. If it's too easy or coincidental, the reader won't appreciate it. In real life, attraction can happen immediately, but love usually takes time. If a romance doesn't rush, I think it gives the reader the chance to feel the journey with the characters.

    1. Ahhh... a good slow development like John and Valentine! <---Love it! :D

  8. Love the excerpt.

    I love reading it, but it depends on how well it's done. And yeah it can be overdone, but it's also an incredible thing to read when it's believeable and just give you this electric feeling just by reading it.


  9. OH. MY. GOSH. I totally just realized that me and Kevin's love story starts off just like this! We totally had a magical moment!!! Eeeehehehehe! I agree with Ryan though-attraction happens immediately, but love takes time. (ours certainly Fun excerpts!!! Totally felt the magic ;)

  10. Still waiting! But I love your rendition!

  11. I'm a romantic at heart and love the happily ever after ending. I think love at first sight is terrific, I could never get tired of it.

    I wanted to let you know that I nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award! You can find more information about it on my blog at


  12. I felt it, Morgan! And it's fun that I've read the first few pages, so I remember some of this person in her head. It gave me shivers recalling those and reading this.

    Good luck on the querying because I want to read more.

  13. Me and my hubs were definitely more of a slow burn. :) Oddly enough, my MC is like that too. The guy who sticks around the longest is the one she finally realizes is the one for her. :)



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