Friday, December 30, 2011

Fingertips itch in anticipation...

Excitement bubbles in your chest...

Muscles tense, ready for the spring....

The world seems to tilt sideways as you grip the weapon in your hand. Sweat drips down the sides of your face as you zone in on the one thing you know you must destroy. The one thing that's been eating at you all year. And as you lift your weapon, ready for the kill, only one thought runs through your mind. You're either going to conquer this piece of crap or go down trying.

Sound familiar?

Looks like you're either ready to beat some vampires to the pulp or you're making a goal list for 2012. If it's the former, I'm sure you'll win. The latter? I know I'm not that confident in my chances.

Instead of rambling further, because I'm sure you need a break from my thoughts, I thought I'd pass this one onto my lovely. If there is someone on this planet that doesn't know the meaning of the words, "I can't" it's Aaron Shamy. This was a scholarship application video he submitted a couple years ago. (Yes, he did get the scholarship *winks*) If you're looking for some motivation on goals, take a look!

What's on your list for 2012? Do you have a list? Do you write things down and check them off? Or are you like me where jumbles of ideas bang around inside your head all year and sometimes something gets done?

Red. Head. Out. :D


  1. Oh, I'll have to watch it when my internet connection isn't so slow, lol. I don't have a list yet for 2012, but there are goals constantly in my mind. :)

  2. Last year the only goal I set in January 2011 was to read thirty books. Which I have surpassed! *yaayy!* I set some other goals further on in the year, and posted them on my blog so I would have a way of keeping myself accountable, but there's one that I think I may skive off on... I have other things I want to get done in 2012 and this one might get in the way. We'll see :-)

    Good luck!

  3. Great post. I am feeling much the same way lately. Love the motivational video, too!

  4. The book will be finished, so the goals will be: query, then query some more, write the second book, finish writing Exile Sun, and launch a couple other new projects. 2012 has already filled up! ;)

  5. WOW. I just watched the video. Your husband is awesome! Haha! I love my man, but I have to admit he's not *quite* that motivated, haha! You're a lucky gal Red Head!

  6. Well done, Aaron. You've got my vote.
    J. Dog. Out.

  7. What a great video. I would've totally voted for him.

    I don't really makes goal, except the reading/bookish kind.

  8. WOW!!!!! You're a lucky girl, Morgan! His accomplishments are amazing, and I feel so motivated now! Talk about living a full life! I can't even do a two-armed pull-up, but I did see Lion King on Broadway, lol. I would have voted for him! This was so fun to watch and to see you at Disneyland. You have a beautiful family! :D

  9. Thanks for the comments, guys :D

    And LOL, Cort! You know I almost didn't post that video because of how gross I looked? *laughs* Feels good to be done with babies! LOL.

  10. WOWEE. I've never done a list before- probably because of the fact that I might not achieve some of them, but hey- who says I can't? Certainly not Aaron Shamy!
    Thanks for sharing the video. *sits down with a pen, paper, cup of tea and list forming thoughts* :)

  11. Great video!!

    Yep, I have a list this year. I went small. LOL

  12. Too many to type. Haha. Well, you know what my goals are, babe. And THEY ARE GONNA HAPPEN!!! :)

  13. Ok, Morgs, I couldn't get the video to play so I took it to YouTube and it worked. WOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOW! Aaron is cool in person, but supercool in that video! If I ever was a wrestler, he'd be in my corner!

  14. Your hubby set a world record for pull ups??? Brad says that when they were in junior high he did 100, what did he have to do to set the world record? Cuz, wow, that's a lot.

  15. Wow.. That was a very powerful video. How can you NOT feel like you can accomplish anything after seeing that, and being married to the guy? You should feel like the (wo)man of steel! ;)

    If you ever give up, I give up. I'll rip that new website down faster then you can say "no".

    So, no more "oh, well, maybe, I dunno" talk from you misses. Nope. It's YES, I WILL, I CAN.

    If not, then I'm going down with you.

    See, no pressure. :-P



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