Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Anticipate Much?

Anticipation: To expect or predict/ Guess or be aware of/ Look forward to

What is it about anticipation that makes your heart pump and fingers tingle with excitement? Sometimes the anticipation is better than the actual thing.

Since I'm completely consumed with NaNoWriMo right now, I thought I'd share an excerpt from the novel I'm querying. I think this scene depicts how awesome anticipation can be. Without getting into too many details, Clara, the MC, has a huge thing for the voice in her head. This scene is when she decides to tell him her true feelings:

I spread the blanket on the ground and sat with the journal on my lap. After a few minutes, I fidgeted, worried he wouldn’t show. But then, he was there, hovering like a shadow in my head.
Did you think I’d forget? he asked. 
I felt my mouth turn up at the corners and warmth spread inside my chest. I loved the sound of his low, honeyed voice. Normally, whenever I felt his presence slide into my mind, I pushed down any feelings that threatened to surface, in fear he would discover the truth. But today, all my walls were down.
“I brought you a gift,” I said, reaching for the journal. I allowed my thoughts to tumble forward, the pages and pages of words that expressed how I felt.
His presence froze and then shifted uncomfortably in my mind.
Clara… don’t. His voice was hesitant, embarrassed.
My heart dropped, the acid in my stomach eating it raw.
“Why not?” I asked. “You had to know on some level how I felt.”
He retreated, but I held on, keeping him there. I swallowed and gathered my courage. “If there was one thing I wanted… would you give it to me?”
I felt his interest pique. Like what?
I shut my eyes and searched through the jumble of ideas that banged around in my head, trying to pick the one thing I most wanted. When the answer popped forward, I smiled.
“I want a kiss.” Hope danced just under the surface of my skin, weaving, twisting through my body.
His presence became deathly still. He was fighting, debating whether or not to go. 
“I’m seventeen,” I pleaded. “I’ve never been kissed. Please?”
With my eyes still closed, the sun was warm and red through my lids. Then, everything went dim.
Gone from my mind, I sensed him before me, but was too scared to open my eyes. A net of energy pushed, pulled, and twirled between us. He shifted closer and I felt his breath on my face. The journal dug into my palms and a drip of sweat slid down the nape of my neck. Anticipation choked me. In what felt like an eternity later, the energy released and something tingled like a warm breeze over my lips. I gasped.
The darkness lifted. My eyes shot open.
I was alone.
I hope all of you have something that you're anticipating right now... whether it be your first kiss, a fun trip, or just that leftover turkey sandwich you have for lunch! 

Red. Head. Out.  :D


  1. That. Was. Awesome-tastic. Great scene, Morgan! :D I loved it.

  2. Wow... intense! I never thought I'd be jealous of someone having a voice in their head!

  3. Whoa! Hold the phone! Shut the front door and back one too! I can't tell you how beautiful that was. Eep! Oh, how I've felt like that so many times. Brilliant writing. Great imagery. Fantastic showing. I'm jealous of this great scene! hehe

  4. I totally just forgot to breath. YOU NEED TO GET IT PUBLISHED ALREADY! I gotta know what happens to Clara! You've been holding me out for *counts* ALMOST two years!

  5. What can I say but ohhhhh ahhhhhh perfect!

  6. Love. This scene is fantastic. I think it got a vitamin shot since the last time I read it or something - WOWZA!

  7. Holy crap, you guys... Talk about boosting a writer's confidence! You mean I can post an excerpt and get a shot of ego straight to the heart? Hahahaha... now I'm not sure what is better... Anticipation or the ego boost... JK Thank you so much for your lovely comments ;)

  8. Holy crap! This was intense. I am dying to know what happens next.

  9. One of my favorite parts!!!!! Love love love your story!!! I seriously hope something happens with it! :D

  10. I love the idea of loving a voice in one's head :) Great writing!

  11. Love, love, love, Morgan. That is great.

  12. *bows* Love you guys, SO much!

  13. Well now I'm anticipating this book! Oh, man, you had me at 'she's in love with the voice in her head..' but the way you brought this to life is stunning. Simply stunning!



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